Smart and Integrated Building Control Systems

Umbrella Management and Monitoring

Solutions included into the IITN SOL  product suite cover all aspects of the intelligent building control, including automation, physical security, energy management, IT infrastructure management, maintenance and situation management, inventory management, and more.

Physical Security Management

Our Access Control can act as a physical access control system and vertical transport control system. In other cases, IITN SOL can perfectly integrate with the third-party access control solutions for collecting security incidents, monitoring room occupancy, and refining source data used for the power usage optimization.

HVAC Management

The SCADA/HMI module set provides an effective vendor-agnostic automation and scheduling support for heating, ventilation and air conditioning controllers. All typical protocols are supported, including Modbus, BACnet, OPC, OPC UA, and more.

Lighting Management

SCADA capabilities of the IITN SOL BMS enable it to manage internal and external lighting by modeling and scheduling the custom illumination scenarios. Near-real-time orchestration can be conducted by a central server via the IP network. Decentralized controller-based field-level logic is not required nowadays.


Power Management

While the AggreGate capabilities span up to managing a smart grid, it perfectly covers the energy usage optimization, a crux of every building automation project. The same approach of vendor-agnostic control and monitoring via standard communication protocols is used.

IT Infrastructure Management

IITN SOL Network Manager can operate within the BMS, providing unparalleled flexibility for managing and monitoring the active network devices, servers and applications, VoIP, IP cameras, security devices, and other IT infrastructure components.

Smart Metering

Having serious references in the Automatic Meter Reading and Advanced AMR fields, IITN SOL Building Automation system solves the tasks of technological and commercial accounting for water, gas, electricity, and other consumables. The BMS features a direct support for widespread smart meter protocols, such as Meter-Bus and DLMS/COSEM.

Alarming and Event Processing

Advanced expression-based alerting with a hysteresis (deadband) support. Event correlation and value flapping detection. Alert acknowledgment and escalation rules. E-mail, SMS, popup, sound, and other notifications. Automatic and interactive corrective actions. Flexible event processing chains and long-term storage.


Any type of license allows creating an unlimited number of reports. The report source data can be extracted by an expression or query, but the report template generator can create a report template from any tabular data in just two clicks. Moreover, the templates can be fine-tuned or created from scratch in the embedded Report Editor.

Flexible Security Model

IITN SOL IoT Platform establishes a serious security infrastructure for the IITN SOL BMS by providing a flexible role-based access control. In addition, all communications between the server, operator workstations, HMIs, and third-party systems are performed via SSL-secured connections.

24×7×365 monitoring
Our 24/7 System monitoring reduces the risk and we prepare the with the sophisticated security solutions.

IITN SOL works as your trusted partner in delivering helpdesk solutions, providing expertise you can count on and a commitment to customer-centric service that backs your business 24×7.Our Hepldesk team provides great visibility and best control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime.

Managed BMS Services

Realize fast and responsive connectivity, so people can get their work done quickly and efficiently. Our customized solutions have been developed with your needs in mind and include a mix of FAS,FDS, CCTV, Security Systems, Data, Voice (inbound and outbound), BPO Services, Data Center , Cloud Based Services, Managed Telecom Services, Managed IT Services and Managed Network Services.

Reduced Risk

With IITN’S award-winning managed IT services, many of the world’s largest financial firms, retailers, and fortune 500 providers have been able to reduce the cost of IT operations, minimize risks and ultimately provide better service to clients

Extreme Transparency Policy

Our Extreme Transparency Policy ensures that the client receives a transparent price feed, transparent liquidity, transparent historical data, transparent market information at all times.

solutions to Streamline BMS

Running successful BMS operations and mitigating risk is a complicated, and often expensive, part of day-to-day operations. IITN’S Managed Services offer cutting-edge solutions for your Building environment ’ IT, encompassing everything from cloud delivery to security and daily operations.

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