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Digital CCTV Camera and Recording Systems

CCTV Surveillance Ltd is the No.1 Pakistan installer and maintenance service provider of digital CCTV camera and recording surveillance systems. We install, maintain and perennially look after industrial, commercial and domestic CCTV installations on sites across the Pakistan. We provide cost effective evidence quality CCTV surveillance systems tailor-made to meet your requirements. We install systems using the right equipment for your requirements and needs, manufactured by Cisco, Huawei, Dauha, CP Plus, UTC, Eye Lynx, Hikvision, Panasonic, Samsung, Genie, Pelco, Dedicated Micros, Wavestore and many more. If you are looking for a sensibly priced digital CCTV system, look no further than CCTV Surveillance, the name you can trust.

Not only are we a top supplier and installation contractor of digital CCTV systems in the Pakistan, we are also unsurpassed in our commitment to offer 1st class user support and maintenance for all installed equipment and software.

Being part of the IITN SOL  group of security companies gives you even more reason to ‘rest easy’ in the knowledge you have bought from an accredited, trustworthy and reliable company.

CCTV Systems

State-of-the-art bespoke CCTV systems are available for purchase from CCTV Surveillance. An unlimited number of CCTV cameras can be connected to your network, each of which can be viewed through a local PC.

We are experienced in the installation and maintenance of both large and small CCTV systems capable of providing your site with a sophisticated monitoring system. By using the right cameras and DVR’s for your requirements you can be assured that your CCTV system will surpass your expectations.

CCTV Systems DVRs

The latest technology from CCTV Surveillance offers you high quality DVR recording systems, which can be networked together across multiple sites.

Each DVR can be individually controlled from a single point on the network, and allows the viewer to watch both live and historic CCTV footage via a secure internet connection.

CCTV Cameras

CTV cameras can be overt or covert, indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, and all have their own individual characteristics enabling you to choose a tailor-made solution for your particular

circumstances. By providing cameras manufactured by the top suppliers you can be confident in your choices to provide unparalleled service and image quality.


We help you choose the best solution for your site’s specific surveillance requirements.


Allow authorised vehicles in to your car parks/sites – Easily add visitor’s details to allow limited time access – Stop unwanted guests coming on to site – Use IR LED lights for night time use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a highly accurate system that uses OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) technology to accurately identify the numbers and letters on a number plate.

CCTV Software

Footage can be captured at a rate of up to 25 frames per second – the same rate as that of the PAL standard for commercial video playback – however, this often leads to the generation of large image files. The software enables you to adjust the frame rate allowing you to retain evidence quality CCTV footage whilst reducing the amount of memory required for each video clip.

Rapid Deployment Asset Protection Systems (RDAPS)

– Rapid deployment – Mains or battery powered with solar/wind electrical generation – Full HD (1080p) video quality – Remote monitoring – Ideal for remote sites or areas under development – Virtual trip wires for detection of unwanted guests – Full day/night capability using LED lighting The Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System (RDAPS) developed by CCTV Surveillance’s parent company, Tensor plc, is an innovative, fully-integrated, self-contained, compact, turnkey and rapidly deployable mobile surveillance solution proven to both prevent crime and facilitate prosecution whenever a crime occurs.

High End Systems and PTZ Cameras

Unlimited number of cameras – Unlimited storage capability – View CCTV streams from anywhere in the world – Full PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) auto tracking of people/vehicles – Full Video Analytics with virtual trip wires, “no go” zones – The ability to link to an ACS (Access Control System) to get evidential proof of refusal of entry – Face detection – ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) – 2 way audio challenge – Full integration with state of the art LED day and IR night lighting The high-end CCTV systems from CCTV Surveillance are the perfect solution for monitoring large sites comprising multiple buildings spread across a wider area, of high-security locations where the functionality delivered by PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras is paramount.

Remote Monitoring

he CCTV Surveillance monitoring Centre is staffed by highly trained operators all of whom share a passion for security and who are able to take immediate action on the video footage that they see following an alert, either by using the intercom link to warn away offenders or calling the police and specified keyholders.

Our top-range systems use the latest digital technology to provide real time viewing and control of cameras via a broadband connection, and our remote monitoring centre responds to CCTV system activations 24 hours a day, all year round.

Any type of license allows creating an unlimited number of reports. The report source data can be extracted by an expression or query, but the report template generator can create a report template from any tabular data in just two clicks. Moreover, the templates can be fine-tuned or created from scratch in the embedded Report Editor.

Flexible Security Model

IITN SOL IoT Platform establishes a serious security infrastructure for the IITN SOL CCTV and Safe City by providing a flexible system and  control. In addition, all communications between the server, operator workstations, HMIs, and third-party systems are performed via SSL-secured connections.

24×7×365 monitoring
Our 24/7 System monitoring reduces the risk and we prepare the with the sophisticated security solutions.

IITN SOL works as your trusted partner in delivering helpdesk solutions, providing expertise you can count on and a commitment to customer-centric service that backs your business 24×7.Our Hepldesk team provides great visibility and best control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime.

Managed CCTV Services

Realize fast and responsive connectivity, so people can get their work done quickly and efficiently. Our customized solutions have been developed with your needs in mind and include a mix of FAS,FDS, CCTV, Security Systems, Data, Voice (inbound and outbound), BPO Services, Data Center , Cloud Based Services, Managed Telecom Services, Managed IT Services and Managed Network Services.

Reduced Risk

With IITN’S award-winning managed IT services, many of the world’s largest financial firms, retailers, and fortune 500 providers have been able to reduce the cost of IT operations, minimize risks and ultimately provide better service to clients

Extreme Transparency Policy

Our Extreme Transparency Policy ensures that the client receives a transparent price feed, transparent liquidity, transparent historical data, transparent market information at all times.

solutions to Streamline CCTV Surveillance

Running successful CCTV operations and mitigating risk is a complicated, and often expensive, part of day-to-day operations. IITN’S Managed Services offer cutting-edge solutions for your Building environment ’ IT, encompassing everything from cloud delivery to security and daily operations.

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